Thinking about cyber school?

You might want to give our LOLA program a chance. The New Brighton Area School district has our own in house k-12 cyber option that is sure to meet the needs of any student thinking about a cyber learning program.  The best part about LOLA is that there are plenty of options for our students. We have three base program offerings but we are flexible enough to accomodate all student needs.

The Blended Student is one who combines a course schedule of both traditional classroom and online classes. Has a typical attendance day of 7:30-2:20.

The Hybrid Student is one who combines a course schedule of both traditional classroom and online classes but does not work online at school in LOLA lab on regular basis. Attendance is kept through progress and log in date/time stamps. This individualized time frame accommodates a.m. or p.m. physical and/or emotional needs.

The Cyber Student is one who is enrolled exclusively in online classes to fulfill graduation credit requirements. This classification may include hybrid students who report to the LOLA lab to work at designated times or days.

Why Lions Online Academy?

Extracurricular activities



Face to face tutorials with the teachers can be arranged

Curricular Adaptation

Dual Enrollment Options

All LOLA students are still part of the New Brighton Area School District and are eligible to take part in all extra curricular activities including sports/band and the prom. This allows students enrolled in LOLA to remain a part of the school community.  In addition our LOLA students will receive a New Brighton Diploma.  

If you'd like to hear more about our Lions Online Academy please contact Mrs. Cheri Velto at (724) 843-1795 ext 372 for details on what LOLA can do for you.